Sit back and enjoy Season 1 part 2 of "My Bedroom Door" A stop motion web series. After seeing what's behind the door that appears in her room every night, Allison refuses to sleep in her room. Whenever she thinks of what she saw, it causes her pain.

Sit back and enjoy Season 1 part 1 of "My Bedroom Door" A stop motion web series. Late at night Allison wakes to see a strange door appear in her room. The door appears every night, and the mystery of it has moved Allison to writing a blog of this experience.

A short stop motion animation inspired by the Frederator series Bee and Puppycat! This was my first time working with replacement faces and it won't be my last! Be sure to watch Bee and Puppycat on Cartoon Hangover!

While on her way to her Grandmother's, Gertrude Byrnes finds herself trapped and the only help she can find may only give her more trouble in the CG animated short inspired by the Grimm fairy tale.

Another amusing animation done while searching for a career. I wanted to do a little Bloody Mary short, and I wanted to have it in a very unsuspecting setting. this was fun and done in 2 days.

A girl waits for anyone to visit her on what was supposed to be a special day.

A strange horror awaits a girl at the end of the hall in this dark stop motion animation short.  This was meant to be a longer short and I may revisit it someday, but at the time I only had a few weeks so I made the finale.

Sara finds trouble while putting on her face for the day in this stop motion animated short.  This was my second stop motion film after highschool.  Filmed on a bedside table.